University of California, San Diego

            In Progress Anthropology PhD

California State University, Long Beach

2009 Master of Arts Anthropology, emphasis Linguistics

Biola University

2007 Bachelor of Arts Anthropology

2007 Bachelor of Arts Intercultural Studies

2007 Minor in Applied Linguistics

2007 Minor in Theology




Cinematography and basic video editing

Languages: Melanesian Pidgins, Conversational Spanish

 Independent Worker and Team Player

Dependable, dedicated and highly motivated

Good Communication and Leadership skills

Cross-cultural Experience and Quick Learner




Winter 2015 – Present                Sixth College Writing Program (UCSD)                           San Diego, CA

Teacher’s Assistant.  Teach discussions sessions that integrate course material with helping students learn how to write college-level papers, plan weekly lessons, grade papers. 


2014                                         Communication Department (UCSD)                             San Diego, CA

Teacher’s Assistant.  Teach discussion sections for Introduction to Communication, plan weekly lessons, grade papers.


2012 – 2014                              Long Beach Friends Church                                          Long Beach, CA

Office Administrator.  Liaison between the office and various church groups including Hispanic and Cambodian congregations, planning and coordinating weekly services and special events, facilitating and taking minutes for office related meetings, responding to phone calls and emails from the community


2010 – 2014                             Long Beach Unified School District                                Long Beach, CA

Instructional Aide for the Special Education Dept.  Working with children ages 2-7 who have autism and other special needs, assisting with behavior management and facilitating classroom activities and lessons


2010                                         US Census Bureau                                                         Long Beach, CA

Enumerator.  Efficiently conducted census interviews with respondents from various backgrounds, asked questions and accurately recorded information, worked independently with daily accountability to a supervisor, maintained detailed records of hours worked and assignments completed


2007 – 2009                             Department of Anthropology (CSULB)                          Long Beach, CA

Graduate Assistant, Office Assistant to the Chairperson of the Anthropology Department, Grader 

Organized files, conducted evaluations and analyses of department effectiveness, updated website, co-editor of biannual newsletter, organized department events, answered phone calls, maintained displays in hallways, inventoried cultural and scientific items, and helped with other department related activities


2005 – 2007                              Biola University                                                             La Mirada, CA

Teacher’s Assistant for the School of Intercultural Studies

Grader, facilitated class discussions and creative learning modules, tutored students in paper research and writing




2015                             “Education as a Motivating Factor for Language Shift on Santa Cruz”

                        Paper presentation at the 2015 UCSD AGSA Student Symposium, La Jolla, CA.

2015                             “The Emergence of New Social Identities and Their Effect on Language Change”

                        Paper presentation at the American Ethnological Society spring conference, San Diego, CA          

2015                             “Schools and Beyond: The Effects of Language Policies on Endangered Languages in the Pacific.”  Paper presentation at Sandrizona Conference, Tucson, AZ

2012                             Co-author of “Sociological factors in Reefs-Santa Cruz language vitality: a 40 year retrospective.”  International Journal of the Sociology of Language 214:111-152

2012                             “Student Leaders Serving Our Community” A Program Evaluation for the Ambassador Program at Weaver Elementary School, Los Alamitos, CA

2010 – 2013                  Director of “Khmer Stories Film”. Interviewing and recording life stories of the Khmer congregation at Long Beach Friends Church

2009                             “Language Accommodation: A Critical Factor of Language Change among Nagu Speakers in the Solomon Islands.”  Paper presentation at the American Anthropological Annual Meetings, Philadelphia, PA

2009                             Schools, Marriage and the Endangerment of the Nagu Language in the Solomon Islands; Master’s thesis for Department of Anthropology, CSULB

2009                             Producer, Co-Director, and Assistant Cinematographer for the documentary “Shell of a Guy” premiered at CSULB Anthropology Department Ethnographic Film Showcase

              2009                             “The Endangerment and Shift of the Nagu Language in the Solomon Islands”

Paper and presentation for the Student Research Competition at CSULB; won 2nd place for the division of Social and Behavioral Sciences

2008                             “The Shift and Endangerment of the Nagu Language in the Solomon Islands” Brown bag presentation at California State University, Long Beach

              2008                             “The Endangerment and Shift of the Nagu Language in the Solomon Islands”

Poster presentation at the American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, San Francisco, CA

2008 – 2009                  Co-editor for “Anthro-Press Newsletter,” CSULB Anthropology Department bi-annual newsletter




2015                             Anthropology Graduate Student Association, UCSD

Linguistic Anthropology Student Representative

2015                             Member of Society for the Anthropology of Religion (of AAA)

2015                             Member of National Student Association of Student Anthropologists (of AAA)

2012 – 2014                  Pacific Island Ethnic Art Museum (PIEAM), Long Beach, CA

Docent: Lead museum tours for students and other guests

Researcher: Conducting anthropological and linguistic research for exhibits.

2011                             PROCOM Rwanda

Research Assistant: Studied leadership and community activism in the Eastern Province of Rwanda; conducted interviews and surveys with government officials and community members

2005 – 2010, 2015         Member of American Anthropological Association

2005 – 2010, 2015         Member of Society for Linguistic Anthropology (of AAA)

2008 – 2010, 2015         Member of Melanesian Special Interest Group (of AAA)

2009                             Outstanding Graduate Student in Linguistic Anthropology (CSULB)

2009                             Award for Academic Excellence – 4.0 GPA (CSULB)

2009                             2nd Place in CSULB Student Research Competition in the Social Sciences Division

2008 – 2009                  Anthropology Graduate Student Association, CSULB

Founding President: Organized meetings and events, lead meetings, applied for funding grants

2008                             SIL International, Solomon Islands

Anthropological and Linguistic research for Master’s thesis at CSULB; research on the Nagu language in the Solomon Islands; included interviews, surveys, observations and analysis of data

2007                             Field research on a Cambodian church in Long Beach, CA         

2007                            Summa Cum Laude, Biola University

2007                            Member of Biola University’s Honor Society, Epsilon Kappa Epsilon

2006                             SIL International, Papua New Guinea

Field research on culture change in a village in Papua New Guinea